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USC Leadership Delegation to India

In February 2011, USC President C. L. Max Nikias led a delegation of university faculty, administrators and trustees to India, where they met with key Indian partners in higher education, business and government, and with USC alumni, to build sustainable alliances in the areas of medicine and health care, neurosciences, the arts, communication and journalism, business, and technology and engineering.

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The Taj Mahal

Topic: Mumbai

Memoranda of Global Understanding

Topics: Academic Cooperation, Engineering, MOU, Mumbai, New Delhi

Leaders of the USC India delegation kept pens handy for signing ceremonies that formalized academic partnerships between the university and top Indian academic institutions. On the second day of the trip, President Nikias signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

When the delegation moved to New Delhi a few days later, USC Viterbi School of Engineering dean Yannis C. Yortsos signed an MOU connecting USC Viterbi and IIT Delhi. He signed another MOU with IIT Hyderabad on the final day of the visit.

Almost seven years earlier, then-dean Nikias signed an MOU with IIT Kharagpur, the oldest IIT campus. Read more about the 2004 MOU here.

A Worldwide Family

Topics: Alumni, Mumbai, New Delhi

Reporting from New Delhi, USC Alumni Association CEO Scott Mory said: “The Trojan Family is vibrant and strong here in India! We have met so many enthusiastic and dedicated alumni, parents and friends on this trip.”

Engineering a Global Future

Topics: Academic Cooperation, Alumni, Bangalore, Engineering, International Offices, MOU, Mumbai, New Delhi, Research Collaboration

USC Viterbi dean Yannis Yortsos says that the India trip has helped him connect far more closely with Viterbi alumni and parents.  The school has hosted well-attended events in both Mumbai and Delhi, with another one scheduled tomorrow for Bangalore.  USC Viterbi has been the key player behind the new USC office in Bangalore, which will be formally dedicated on Friday.

In India, USC Marshall Means Business

Topics: Academic Cooperation, Alumni, Bangalore, Business, Mumbai

“Vice Dean Shantanu Dutta and I have had wonderful meetings in Mumbai with Marshall alums, who are very excited about the potential of our building our presence in India,” reports Jim Ellis, dean of the USC Marshall School of Business. “We also have met with representatives of schools to discuss partnerships between our institutions. As we move to Delhi and Bangalore, we continue to meet with alums, parents, other business schools and companies to talk about what we can be doing for our students and to bring India closer to Southern California.”

USC in the News: India and Beyond

Topics: Bangalore, International Offices, Media Coverage, Mumbai

The Wall Street Journal featured a photo of President Nikias and trustee Ratan Tata in its coverage of USC’s partner-building efforts in India.

Meanwhile, President Nikias’ announcement that USC would award an honorary doctorate to famed Indian playwright Girish Karnad drew considerable media attention around the country. Karnad accompanied the USC delegation at their Mumbai press conference.

Day Two: Building Bridges

Topics: Academic Cooperation, Faculty Presentations, International Offices, MOU, Mumbai, Neuroscience

The delegation visited the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (Mumbai). The IITs represent India’s elite higher-education research enterprise, which has spawned legions of innovators in India, Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

Day One: Arrival in Mumbai

Topics: Industry, Mumbai

USC’s leadership delegation, led by President C. L. Max Nikias and Board of Trustees chairman Ed Roski, arrived early Sunday morning in Mumbai.


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